FolderSizes v4.8.2.92 is Released

Today, Key Metric Software is releasing v4.8.2.92 of FolderSizes – our powerful disk space analysis software product.

This release includes a number of minor feature enhancements, as well as several bug fixes. New features include:

  • Enhanced theme support – Now users can choose between blue, black, silver, aqua, scenic, white and traditional themes. These themes are also now better integrated into the application overall (including matching graph backgrounds, by default).
  • New search columns – The search detail list now includes file and folder count columns. These are not visible by default, so right-click a column header and select them to make them visible.
  • Improved Windows 7 taskbar support – FolderSizes now shows indeterminate progress in the Windows 7 taskbar during normal, file report, and search report generation.
  • Improved status bars – All status bars now auto-resize themselves intelligently, ensuring better use of screen real estate. We’ve also added a “excluded” pane to all report generating windows to reflect the number of folders current being excluded.
  • Stop file reports and show results – The stop button in the file report generation window now allows users to cancel report generation while showing results accumulated thus far.

The remaining changes are bug fixes, again most of them minor. Please feel free to download the new release and/or review the complete release notes.