Buy FolderSizes and Save on Duplicate File Detective

When Key Metric Software launched its Duplicate File Detective product in May of 2005, we had a simple goal in mind – produce a superior product for IT professionals and experienced computing users. Since then, Duplicate File Detective has experienced strong growth – helping thousands of customers manage and optimize their file systems by providing superior, scalable, and reliable file deduplication.

Our customers have also found that FolderSizes and Duplicate File Detective work very well together. Although FolderSizes does have a duplicate file report that can identify duplicates by a combination of file name, date, and size – Duplicate File Detective goes far beyond this capability with content comparison services, advanced duplicate file selection/marking features, extremely robust duplicate file processing (moving, deleting, and archiving) facilities, and much more.

When we first released Duplicate File Detective, we decided to make it available at a huge discount to anyone purchasing FolderSizes. Simply click any of the FolderSizes license purchase links on the order page, and you’ll be given the opportunity to purchase Duplicate File Detective at half its normal price point. You end up paying $20.00 US dollars for the most powerful duplicate file management software available!

We originally intended to run this promotion for a limited time only, but we’ve since decided to extend it indefinitely. After all, it just makes good sense and our customers love it.

Just another great reason to buy FolderSizes today.

P.S. If you missed the boat and purchased a FolderSizes license without taking advantage of this offer, you’re probably now living a life of profound regret, shame and sadness. Well, don’t worry – just email us, and we’ll make it right!