FolderSizes 5.1 is Released

Key Metric Software is proud to announce the release of FolderSizes 5.1 now with support for disk space analysis report delivery via email.

Specifically, any disk space analysis report generated by the FolderSizes command line or scheduler interfaces can now also be delivered to one or more email addresses. FolderSizes does this by communicating directly with your mail service provider (via SMTP). Here’s what the email configuration screen in FolderSizes looks like:

As you can see, FolderSizes email integration supports SMTP authentication, protocol-level security (SSL and TLS), SMTP connection logging, and much more.

Support for report delivery via has also been integrated directly into the FolderSizes report scheduler.

In the screen shot above, we’re analyzing the path “c:\temp” and exporting the resulting disk space analysis report in two formats – one HTML and one CSV. When we enable the “Email report file(s)” option, FolderSizes will deliver both export files to the specified email addresses. FolderSizes can schedule and delivery file reports and search operations in a similar manner.

FolderSizes 5.1 is a free upgrade for any existing v5 license holder, and is available for immediate download.