FolderSizes 5.6 Now Available

FolderSizes v5.6 was released today, and it offers a number of great feature enhancements (as well as a few bug fixes). In this post, I’d like to draw your attention to two specific improvements.

First, the file report generator now runs against an entirely new threading model that can improve the performance of multi-path scenarios quite dramatically. In our lab tests, file reports generated against multiple local and remote drives completed in nearly half the time (vs. FolderSizes v5.5 and previous releases). Even more dramatic gains can be had when analyzing only multiple, discrete network file systems of similar proportions.

At the same time, we’ve achieved a nearly 40% reduction in overall file report memory usage. Again, these gains come largely from our highly specialized and proprietary memory storage models – ensuring that FolderSizes continues to be the most scalable and performant disk space analysis product available.

The second thing I wanted to touch on is more directly aimed at home users. FolderSizes 5.6 removes the network path restrictions associated with personal edition licenses. In other words, personal edition license holders can now analyze network paths just like Pro edition users can. Other feature restrictions still apply (see order page for details).

You can download the latest version of FolderSizes now and/or review the full release notes on our product website.