The Power of Incremental Improvement

If you get a moment, take a minute to look at the FolderSizes product release notes. I mean, really look at them.

Even though the current version of FolderSizes is 5.6 (at the time of the writing), history revealsĀ over 80 distinct public releases of FolderSizes since its initial release in 2003.

This relentless dedication to incremental improvement is one of the main reasons FolderSizes is the leader in disk space analysis, reporting, and visualization today. We never stop listening to our customers. We never ignore an opportunity to improve FolderSizes. And we always strive to give ourĀ customers a ton of value for their money.

Key Metric Software is small and agile. When you communicate with us, you’re talking directly to the people that engineer FolderSizes (and our other award-winning products). We don’t have a bunch of sales people or support technicians that serve to buffer us from our customers. And we never will.

So go ahead – send us an email with your ideas, comments, or recommendations. We’re listening!