Why Should You Choose FolderSizes Disk Space Analyzer?

With over 25 thousand licensed users, FolderSizes is the proven leader in disk space analysis software for Windows.

Key advantages:

  • Exclusive features such as built-in scheduling, snapshot comparisons, trend analysis, network share discovery, sharing reports via email, and much (much!) more.
  • FolderSizes has been under active, commercial development since 2003. That’s over nine years (and over 80 discrete releases) of incremental improvements.
  • FolderSizes is accurate, designed from the ground up to extract useful disk space usage metrics from even the most demanding and intensive storage environments. FolderSizes succeeds where similar applications crash and burn.
  • FolderSizes is amazingly scalable, with native 64-bit support and the ability to scan multiple local and remote file system resources at the same time.
  • FolderSizes is fully supported by a commercial software company with an outstanding reputation and pedigree. And we’ll be here well into the future.
  • Some of the largest organizations in the world rely on FolderSizes for their disk space analysis and management needs. Their confidence in FolderSizes is based on real-world results.
  • Extremely cost effective, starting at only $55 USD for a single-user license (with aggressive discounts for multi-user licenses).
  • FolderSizes is built to run on both Windows Server and Client operating systems, allowing for extremely flexible deployment.
  • Gorgeous, familiar, and easy-to-use interface – Get starting using FolderSizes right away, without the need for training.
  • FolderSizes has received hundreds of software industry awards since its introduction in 2003.
  • FolderSizes is developed for you, based on your feedback. Each and every release ships with our customer-centric approach in mind.
  • FolderSizes is efficient and self-contained, installing easily and without numerous software component dependencies.

Experience the difference for yourself. Download FolderSizes disk space analysis software today.