FolderSizes is Safe, Trusted, and Guaranteed

Now that FolderSizes 8 is available to the public, we’d just like to remind everyone about our deep commitment to producing safe software products that you can trust.

FolderSizes 8 is 100% free of viruses, malware, and adware. Please see FolderSizes’ current status on VirusTotal for details.

We also proudly present a Norton Secured seal on our product homepage, and you can view that seal here:

This seal offers independent verification (by Symantec) of website ownership and states that we’re 100% free of malware. It also links to our Norton Rating, which indicates that our website has zero computer or identity threats of any kind.

So please use FolderSizes with confidence, knowing that we’re working hard to produce a safe, trusted, and guaranteed software product.