FolderSizes Disk Space Manager Network Share Discovery

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a closer look at the new network share discovery feature of FolderSizes 6.

Network share discovery addresses a common file system analysis scenario – you need to analyze one or more shares on a remote (network) server, but you don’t know precisely which shares it exposes. Or perhaps you know the share names, but want a more efficient method of accessing them via FolderSizes (versus entering them all individually).

In FolderSizes 6, network share discovery is accessible in a couple of different (but related) ways. One option is to click the down arrow adjacent to the Paths button in the main window ribbon bar. The resulting pop-up menu contains a Server or NAS Device option.

Choosing this option will reveal a new dialog window that prompts you to enter the host name or IP address of the remote server / NAS device.

Note that in the screenshot above, we’ve entered the name of two different servers. You can enter as many server names (or IP addresses) as you need, separating each with commas. Once done, FolderSizes 6 will enumerate the public shares on the target system and offer a selection dialog.

Clicking OK on the Choose Network Shares dialog will initiate a file system analysis for all selected shares.

You can also initiate network share discovery directly from the FolderSizes path input box that appears just below the main window ribbon bar. To specify multiple servers (or IP addresses), separate them with a pipe symbol.

When using the path input box method, you can even mix a combination of server names (which would always be prefixed with two backslashes) and fully qualified paths. For example, you might enter the following combination:

\\mantis | \\panda | c:\temp | \\testserver\share1

FolderSizes 6 will simply “do the right thing” when given the input above by selectively resolving shares on the server names while still retaining the fully qualified path inputs.

Network share discovery features have also been integrated into the File Report and Search windows. In fact, the File Report Generator path input box exposes the same path resolution features that are described above.

And now for the coup de grâce – this same network share discovery capability is also available from the command line and scheduling interfaces. In command line / scheduling scenarios, FolderSizes 6 will enumerate (and then analyze all) network shares silently – without prompting the user to select from a share listing, etc.

Ready to try it for yourself? Download the free FolderSizes 6 15-day trial now.

Posted: June 19, 2012 2:24 pm

Windows 8 Disk Space Analysis

Some early adopters have been wondering if FolderSizes 6 runs on Windows 8.

Why yes it does indeed. Here’s a screenshot showing FolderSizes 6 running on the Windows 8 Release Preview Build 8400 (click the screenshot for a slightly larger view).

FolderSizes running on Windows 8

Our tests reveal no problems of any type – task scheduling, shell context menu integration, and other features all work correctly on Windows 8.

Posted: June 12, 2012 2:21 pm

Why Should You Choose FolderSizes Disk Space Analyzer?

With over 25 thousand licensed users, FolderSizes is the proven leader in disk space analysis software for Windows.

Key advantages:

  • Exclusive features such as built-in scheduling, snapshot comparisons, trend analysis, network share discovery, sharing reports via email, and much (much!) more.
  • FolderSizes has been under active, commercial development since 2003. That’s over nine years (and over 80 discrete releases) of incremental improvements.
  • FolderSizes is accurate, designed from the ground up to extract useful disk space usage metrics from even the most demanding and intensive storage environments. FolderSizes succeeds where similar applications crash and burn.
  • FolderSizes is amazingly scalable, with native 64-bit support and the ability to scan multiple local and remote file system resources at the same time.
  • FolderSizes is fully supported by a commercial software company with an outstanding reputation and pedigree. And we’ll be here well into the future.
  • Some of the largest organizations in the world rely on FolderSizes for their disk space analysis and management needs. Their confidence in FolderSizes is based on real-world results.
  • Extremely cost effective, starting at only $55 USD for a single-user license (with aggressive discounts for multi-user licenses).
  • FolderSizes is built to run on both Windows Server and Client operating systems, allowing for extremely flexible deployment.
  • Gorgeous, familiar, and easy-to-use interface – Get starting using FolderSizes right away, without the need for training.
  • FolderSizes has received hundreds of software industry awards since its introduction in 2003.
  • FolderSizes is developed for you, based on your feedback. Each and every release ships with our customer-centric approach in mind.
  • FolderSizes is efficient and self-contained, installing easily and without numerous software component dependencies.

Experience the difference for yourself. Download FolderSizes disk space analysis software today.

Posted: June 7, 2012 2:27 pm

FolderSizes 6 is Released!

Today (May 31st, 2012) Key Metric Software has announced the release of FolderSizes 6.

FolderSizes 6 represents a huge step forward for our award-winning, market-leading disk space analysis software. Just a few feature highlights include:

  • New trend analysis capabilities
  • New File Type Groups report
  • New network share discovery
  • New PDF export support
  • New email message customization
  • New Hard link tracking
  • New unified 32/64 product installer
  • Improved ribbon customization support
  • Improved scheduling interface
  • And much more

For a more comprehensive review of what’s new in FolderSizes 6, please see:

Or, go straight for the download:

Posted: May 31, 2012 3:27 pm

FolderSizes Disk Space Manager Enterprise Fact Sheet

We recently published a new FolderSizes Enterprise Fact Sheet, designed to give business stakeholders a clear sense of how FolderSizes can contribute to their storage capacity planning and analysis processes.

FolderSizes is used by tens of thousands of businesses all around the world to improve storage capacity planning, streamline backups, share disk space usage reports with users, and much more.

Posted: February 20, 2012 4:26 pm


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